Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II

July 29, 2017
Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

Welcome to Cruise Tips and Tricks Part II.  The first post was liked, and I had so many tips I decided to make this a series.  Please be sure to share your favorite tips in the comments below.

  • We find pretty consistently across all brands and ships, the beds aren’t that comfortable.  We find if we request an egg crate for your bed it helps.  I usually pre-request it, but it rarely is there when I get on the ship.  I typically have to ask the cruise steward and feel like an asshat since that means they have to strip the bed to add it, but after all I had pre-requested it…so it should be there.  I have also found that the bed configuration is often not correct as well, so that means they have to re-make the bed anyway.

Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

  • Another tip is to have the table removed from room.  There is often a coffee table, and if it is removed you get a lot more walking space, it is surprising how much different it is without it there.  This isn’t the greatest image, but will give you an idea. This is from the Freedom of the Seas, and our cabin steward would not remove the table for us.  It was sitting in front of the couch in the front of the image, and we moved it to the back corner of the room and stored our bag for our dirty laundry on it. But smack dab in the middle of the room, it is always cumbersome, we prefer to either have it removed – or stow it away in a corner.
Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

This picture shows the table, in my room above you see we had that removed.

  • Princess is the only cruise line, that I know of that has onboard laundromats (I recently learned Carnival has them too!).  I personally love this fact!  On each (I guess each or every other) deck there will be a laundromat at either end of the deck.  Bring quarters and washing detergent with you. Dryer sheets too.  I like the Purex sheets that are laundry and dryer sheets in one.  You can always get change in the casino, but we find it easier to bring the quarters with us.  There are also supplies for sale in the laundromat.  Of course there are ironing boards, but I never iron!

Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

  • As you know there are several categories of rooms.  The basics:  Inside, Oceanview, Balcony, and Suites of various types.  One thing we often do is book an inside cabin.  Russell likes a dark room for sleeping…so an inside does that nicely.  Some people like to have some natural light so if you turn the tv in your room on to the bridge channel it will provide some natural light.  We have been in all categories except Suites.  We really like Ocean view or Balcony, but typically save a bit of money and go for the interior.  We prefer to save the money for other things on the cruise.

Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

  • I have seen this tip over and over, to bring power strip.  I have never done this!  I did purchase a small one that will go on our next cruise (may not be until 2018!! the horror!)  I can’t confirm this but apparently there is a hidden outlet behind tv and under the bed.  I have never really had a shortage of outlets I suppose, so have never gone looking.
Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

This one even has USB ports for phone/device charging!

  • There is a lot of storage in the rooms, really look around the room, there are drawers and shelves and some in the bathrooms too.  There is space under the bed to store your luggage.  We typically have a bigger suitcase and a smaller one, so we store the smaller one in the big onet, zip them up and store it under the bed.  I did also recently see a tip to leave your suit case open if it won’t fit closed, and store either your purchases from the ports or dirty laundry in it.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more to come!! Be sure to check out Cruise Tips and Tricks Part 1 also!

Fabulous Indeed Vacations

Cruise Tips & Tricks Part II ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com


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