Cruise Tips and Tricks Part I

June 6, 2017
Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

All of us at Fabulous Indeed Vacations have been on several cruises and love them!  We want to plan your next cruise for you!  We are constantly collecting tips and tricks to help us and our clients!  We will do this as a series of posts that will be ongoing and growing for years and years!  Please comment below if you have any that need to be on a future list!  Today we will start with five tips!


Eat breakfast and lunch in the main dining room.  We have found that this is a way to really keep the weight gain controlled a bit.  Obviously portions are more controlled in the dining room vs. buffets.  Now that I have told you that portions are controlled in the dining room, there is no shame in ordering more.  We cruised once on Princess and we had a table assignment with an a woman and her friend.  She has cruised so many times with Princess and lives near a port, they just call her and say – hey we have open rooms want to come?  (DREAM BIG! THIS SOUNDS AMAZING TO ME!)  She told us that she orders one of everything for the table so that everyone gets to try everything.  Cruises are a good time to try something you have never had before like escargot, duck, sweetbreads, or other uncommon things that you may not be willing to order when you are paying for food separately.  Most food is included on the ships. You will know when something isn’t included.  Some ships have specialty restaurants which you have to pay a fee to go to. For example: Johnny Rockets on RCCL – when we cruised there was a $6.95 cover charge that covered all you could eat except the milkshakes were  an additional charge. Princess Cruise Line has the Crown Grill and we find it is always worth the splurge.

Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com


You will get an incredible amount of papers delivered to your room, whether it be the daily paper which has all of the activities or the tickets to your excursions or all of the papers to sell you on other excursions. I have started bringing magnets, since ships are metal – the walls are metallic!  We also bring a highlighter to help keep track of activities we want to participate in.

Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com


Location of Cabin

Location, Location, Location.  Location of Cabin is almost as important as Type of Cabin.  Crystal and I spend days/weeks studying ship deck plans, once we have picked which cruise we will be taking.  Now also make sure you understand the nautical terms.  Pretend you are inside the ship, facing the front of the ship. Destinations at the front of the ship are called “fore” or “forward” and at the back of the ship are called “aft.” Things in the middle are midship. As you face forward, the left side is “port,” with the right side being “starboard”. One other pertinent tip is we always avoid mid ship elevators/stairs.  They are always crowded.  We like to walk either forward or aft depending on where we are going and use those stairs or elevators.  But don’t worry about any of that, we will help you find the perfect room for you!

Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

Get to Know the Ship

When you first board the ship tour as much as possible.  Some ships I have gotten a tour of the spa, and learned about treatments that I wouldn’t have known about had I not participated in the tour.  They will also offer your specials for port days in the spa – so keep an eye out for those.  You can be comfortable with the ship by studying the deck plans beforehand.  Fabulous Indeed Vacations will do this for you, and provide you with all the details prior to your Sailing.

Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com


Bring over the counter medicines and prescriptions with you.  You can purchase a lot of these things on the ship or off, but the prices are higher than at home.  I typically pack: Bonine, Alleve, Benadryl, Immodium or Pepto Bismal, Dayquil, NyQuil and Essential Oils.  My mother in law always brings antibiotics.  Bonine is our preferred sea sickness medicine – though we have only used it on two trips.  We still always bring it.  I have read that green apples and saltines will also help if you are feeling squeamish.

Cruise Tips & Tricks I ~ www.fabulousindeedvacations.com

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